Discipline:  AfroBeat

Ousmane Wiles (Omari Mizrahi) was born in Senegal, West Africa.

His passion for dance and the arts grew over many years of watching his mother and father "Olukośe Wiles & Marie Basse Wiles dance and play the drums. His parents are the founders of the Maimouna Keita School of African Dance in New York City. Mr. Mizrahi has trained with Ron K Brown, Assane Konte, Ephrat Asherie, The House of Mizrahi and Marie Basse-Wiles. Over the years he has trained in Contemporary, Vogue, Hip-Hop, West African & House dance.

Mr. Mizrahi has performed with Rashaad Newsome, Jhon Legend, Gargon City, Wunmi, Gala, The Maimouna Keita Dance company, Ephrat Asherie Dance, Forces and most recently choreographed and performed with recording artist Jidenna at the MTV Video Music Awards. Mr. Mizrahi loves to cook, act & travel during his free time and feels deeply committed to his role as a teacher in the community. Constantly looking to expand his knowledge of African-rooted dance forms, Mr Mizrahi has found his-own voice by creating "AfrikFusion" a style that fuses traditional African dances and Afrobeat styles with House dance and Vogue. Omari Mizrahi received the status of Legend after 10 years of competing in the Vogue Ballroom scene in NYC.

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