Discipline:  New Style Hustle

New Style Hustle was created by Jeff Selby of NYC and finally founded as a movement by both Jeff and his partner Robyn Baltzer in 2011.

New style hustle, based on the partner dance of the 70’s the Hustle is a new twist on the dance that connects with today’s generation of dancers.

After years of developing the dance and becoming a legend in the NYC club scene with his original partner Nicole Mercado, the demand for New style hustle became too great to keep to himself. Jeff and his current partner Robyn have taught workshop and have performed across the country and around the world.

Communities around the world have also been formed by locals to continue to share and spread New Style Hustle.

The dance has been featured on the last show with Devid Letterman, NBC channel 4 News, TED Talk, Lincoln Center with Chic, & YAK films.

It can also be seen in the recent Netflix Series, “The Get Down” which Jeff produced the Choreographer of the year award.

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