Discipline:  Dance

Born and raised in the heart of Spanish Harlem, one of the most gifted dancers of our time emerged, Eric Negron.

This highly skilled yet humble individual continues to bring a unique and authentic approach to the dance scene that is abstract, innovative, rhythmic, and filled with flavor. He incorporates the creative pulse from past legends and applies it to Modern Pop culture. This new and fresh style of Hip-Hop brings together an exceptional blend of Salsa, House, Popping and Locking, Breaking, and Reggae. Within seconds of witnessing him, it is evident that you are in the presence of a genius. He not only keeps the beat- -he is the beat. 

During high school Eric auditioned for Mariah Carey and was selected out of 175 people to join her national tour. He had to decline this opportunity though due to the constraints of school. Later, it became clear that his passion and love for dance could not be denied. He decided to fully immerse himself in the industry and with the support of his mother was able to make amazing headway. Eric went on to tour with artists such as: Beyonce, JLO, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, Daddy Yankee, Nas, Mario, Beenie Man, Salt-N-Pepa, Radigga, and Amerie. 

Since that time, Eric has evolved out of his roots in backup dancing and now wants to use his experience and expertise to choreograph hot exclusive moves for artists. Dance and choreography go hand-in-hand: “I really don’t care which one I am doing as long as I am moving to the beat.” In addition to artistic development, he is dedicated to teaching upcoming, aspiring dancers. Eric provides valuable knowledge and thought provoking insight that inspires students worldwide. He is the Dance Icon of our generation today.

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